The Business Man (2019)

2h 15min   |   Language   |  Producer  Director

Ad Regnum's first feature film in the works follows the life of Micheal Classius, an assassin who believes that killing is not immoral, but a job like any other. Talented and ambitious, the young Classius thrives in his work until he comes across a dark secret that unravels his whole philosophy of life. 


Enlisting the help of two unlikely heroes in his quest for redemption. The Business Man asks the question, at what cost does life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness take on the fellow man. 

The Business Man is currently in post-script development. 

View the short film abstraction and proof of concept here, as well as some character artwork from the forthcoming feature. 

(Short Film by InFocusbyAlex Productions, 2017)

Concept Art

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